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What is better-liquid laundry soap or powdered laundry soap?

Good question about the laundry soap. Liquid soap is better than powdered. There can be sodium sulphate in powdered soap plus more chemicals due to the fillers. You don’t need to add these things to your onsite sewage treatment system! The less grit and chemicals added, the less treatment work your system has to perform. Read more »


National Ground Water Awareness Week is March 11-17

Minnesota Department of Health News Release More than 1 million people residing in more than 400,000 households in Minnesota rely on private wells as their source of drinking water. While wells can provide high quality drinking water, state health officials observe that most wells are rarely tested on a regular basis for things that can […] Read more »


Unexpected Warm Weather Brings Road Restrictions

This week MN DOT began posting seasonal load limit notifications, beginning with the South, Southeast, Metro, and Central frost zones.  The spring load restrictions limit the amount of weight that can be applied to roads and highways as the frost leaves the ground under the roadways. However, if you have an emergency, we can still […] Read more »


A Message from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency:

With little or no snow cover, Jack Frost may be nipping at your septic system It’s beginning to look a lot like potential problems for rural septic systems this holiday season. “It may not be such a happy new year for some households if we don’t get snow cover before temperatures really start to drop,” […] Read more »

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