Frozen everything…

Just as we start to see some thawing action and think the freezing up issues are over, a new set of water problems are showing up. If your roof gutter drains go into an underground piping and discharge system, you may have to have those pipes cleared to allow the melting snow and ice flow away from your home. If your pipes are frozen at the discharge point and cannot be cleared with a shovel, call Olson’s Sewer Service for high pressure jetting service to clear the drain lines.

No running water…

A customer reported he had plenty of running water to make breakfast, but when he turned the shower on-not a drop!  Many water services are freezing up this year.  In many cases this is due to the extreme depth of frost in the road ways.  If this happens at your house you will most likely need a professional to thaw the water service.  There are generally three ways to thaw the line: steam, high pressure jetting, and using a welder to send current through the line and heat it up.  Olson’s uses high pressure jetting on poly or copper water services with a 1″ or greater inside diameter.  It is necessary to locate the curb stop so the water flow can be controlled.

Once your line is thawed out, the water will need to be left running in the house at stream size equal to the diameter of a pencil.  This is risky business, but moving water does not freeze.  If you have an onsite sewage treatment system, never leave water running non-stop into the septic tank as great damage can occur to the treatment area.

Spring is almost here!

It’s Fix a Leak Week!

In Minnesota, we have some of the cleanest public water supplies in the nation. However, Minnesota’s thirst for this precious resource is outpacing nature’s ability to replace it. It is safe to say that water conservation is more important than ever.

There are lots of ways to use less water. Start by checking your home for leaks, as a part of Fix a Leak Week (it’s this week!). Household water leaks can waste hundreds of gallons of water and can increase your water bill by over 10 percent. Here’s some more tips from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Continue reading

National Ground Water Awareness Week is March 11-17

Minnesota Department of HealthNews Release

More than 1 million people residing in more than 400,000 households in
Minnesota rely on private wells as their source of drinking water. While
wells can provide high quality drinking water, state health officials observe
that most wells are rarely tested on a regular basis for things that can make
consumers of the well water sick, such as bacteria, arsenic, or nitrate. Continue reading

Unexpected Warm Weather Brings Road Restrictions

This week MN DOT began posting seasonal load limit notifications, beginning with the South, Southeast, Metro, and Central frost zones.  The spring load restrictions limit the amount of weight that can be applied to roads and highways as the frost leaves the ground under the roadways. However, if you have an emergency, we can still solve the problem for you! Questions or problems-just call Olson’s In the Pink!

A Message from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency:

With little or no snow cover, Jack Frost may be nipping at your
septic system

It’s beginning to look a lot like potential problems for rural septic
systems this holiday season.

“It may not be such a happy new year for some households if we don’t get
snow cover before temperatures really start to drop,” Dan Olson, public
information officer with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA),
said.  “Snow helps to insulate septic systems and keep them from
freezing.  Continue reading

Yeah, Winter Will Be Here!

It is none too early to plan for the frost and snow that is inevitable in Minnesota.  If you have an onsite sewage treatment system cover the treatment area with straw to protect from freezing.  Snow cover is a great insulator, but if the frost collects before the snow, a mulching of straw is super insulation.  Questions? Give us a call at 651-464-2082!


Getting In The Pink!

The fall colors are here and PINK is part of the picture. It’s not too late to have your septic tanks serviced. Olson’s is scheduling cleaning for sewage treatment systems through October, November, and into December-weather permitting. We pump out tanks all year round, but it is best to have maintenance and inspections completed before the Twin Cities weather creates much frost in the ground. Protect your sewage treatment area from freezing by mulching the area with straw before the real cold temperatures are upon us!