Getting In The Pink!

The fall colors are here and PINK is part of the picture. It’s not too late to have your septic tanks serviced. Olson’s is scheduling cleaning for sewage treatment systems through October, November, and into December-weather permitting. We pump out tanks all year round, but it is best to have maintenance and inspections completed before the Twin Cities weather creates much frost in the ground. Protect your sewage treatment area from freezing by mulching the area with straw before the real cold temperatures are upon us!

Taco Daze 2011-Happy “Dala” Days!

September 10, 2011-It’s all about tacos and dala horses with a 50’s spin and a nod to the old TV show, Happy Days. Every year the City of Scandia, MN celebrates the spirit of community with a wide variety of activities and the annual parade. Taco Daze evolved out of the passion of a committee working in 1975 to raise funds for a tennis court. Olson’s Sewer Service founder, Bill Olson, drove his 1940 B John Deere tractor decorated with dala horses and a twist on the company slogan “Keep Your Dala In The Pink”. The Olson’s crew handed out chocolate candy dala horses filled with mint flavored pink crème.

Cleaning GREEN! And Staying In the Pink…

At Olson’s we get all kinds of questions! Recently, a customer was wondering if vinegar would hurt her onsite sewage treatment system. Absolutely not! Vinegar is made from natural sources like juices from fruits, vegetables, and grains. Vinegar is a great cleaning product and it doesn’t stop with your windows. For a clean toilet bowl, pour in a couple of cups of white vinegar and leave it overnight. The next day, swish with a toilet brush and flush. Or, sprinkle baking soda into the bowl, add a little vinegar, brush and flush.