Taking Away Dirt And Adding Value.

The simple, well-timed moves of an Olson’s excavator working remind many of a ballet. And that’s just one of the ways we perform as an excavation services firm. We also work in concert with other contractors. We easily orchestrate work with them, thanks to our size, which keeps jobs moving efficiently. Finally, our work draws great reviews from other contractors: it makes our day to see the looks on a concrete crew’s faces when they see all they have to do is put up the forms and pour – no handwork needed.

Can do.

Additionally, Olson’s Excavation Service can take on one-day jobs that another MN excavation service company might not touch. We’ll tackle anything, just look. We can also tackle larger jobs; we’ve done our share of lot clearing in Minnesota for commercial buildings. We’ve also become expert in building and maintaining equestrian riding arenas.

Finally, we can’t close without a word about quality. Maybe the words of our president, Jon Olson best sum up our attitude, “A driveway should be built like it was a road.” This sets us apart from other excavation service companies in MN.

We Do Residential, Commercial and Municipal Projects. Contact us to get started.

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