For Finish Grading Like Frosting On A Cake.

When we do finish grading projects in MN, our goal is to make a pastry chef jealous. How can we achieve such perfect surfaces? First, building on our accurate subgrading gives us a big head start in establishing a finish grade surface for the final product to be installed upon. In our fine grading work, our goal is to always add value by minding all the details that go into a superior job. As the go-to source of Twin Cities finish grading, we stake our reputation on every job.

Creative, resourceful Finish Grading.

Utilities are in. Hard points are in. The finish line is in sight. But, wait a minute! What’s that yard of dirt doing there? Or, more to the point, what are you going to do with it? If Olson’s is on the job, we can recommend options like undulation or berms that will economically solve the problem, while complementing the site. On any number of excavating projects, our extensive experience has allowed us to make subtle, simple fine-tuning adjustments at the finish grade stage.

To prepare the site for green surfaces, we can apply topsoil as needed. But that isn’t the end of our involvement with the finish grading projects we do in the Twin Cities. We stand behind our work and are always available for touch ups. The attention to detail we pay throughout the job becomes evident at the end and even more so over time because our quality work consistently assures a lower cost to own.

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