Someone To Count On For Something To Build On.

What makes Olson’s stand out among Twin Cities construction site preparation firms? We bring our proven combination of quality work, open communication and value engineering
to all of our site development jobs. We have the skills, experience and equipment of a large firm which we apply to projects of all sizes.

Our Approach To Site Development.

Any site development project we do in Minnesota starts with digging – for information. In our pre-evaluation, we learn your needs and any special challenges or considerations the site may pose – this step invariably leads invaluable insights that if overlooked could decrease the customer’s enjoyment of the finished work. It almost invariably leads to cost savings, too. We consider this a must before starting any construction site preparation in the Twin Cites because understanding the end use is the basis of value engineering.

By talking first and digging second, we’ve helped many home owners avoid the problem of trying to build the lot to their house, rather than their house to the lot. This is a step not all Twin Cities construction site preparation firms take.

When the digging does start, more of our unique capabilities come into play. Laser-guided and conventional bulldozers, excavators, tracked skid steers, loaders and a wide array of compaction equipment – the kind of resources large MN site development companies offer can be put to work for you. The difference is, thanks to our size, we can apply those resources to projects as needed.

We Do Residential, Commercial and Municipal Projects. Contact us to get started.

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