Sewer Hook Ups With No Hang Ups.

Olson’s is the logical choice for your utilities work because, as expert excavators with years of experience in wastewater treatment system installation and maintenance, we understand the project from start to finish. We’re also adept at geothermal heating/cooling system excavation and other advancements in green construction. We do more than sewer pipe installation.

“Water In And Water Out” Is Just The Start.

Not long ago in the Twin Cities, sewer hook ups, along with connection to city or well water was the extent of an excavating company’s utility work. Today, our work reflects changing needs in Minnesota. Sewer pipe installation no longer comes close to describing all we do. Our utility work includes excavation for horizontal geothermal systems for homes and businesses. We do surface preparation for pervious concrete and asphalt and we’re creating retention ponds and rain gardens to manage storm water.

For commercial customers, our capabilities have grown to include installing industrial grease traps in addition to installing waterlines for fire protection, needed storm sewer and sanitary sewer connections, and testing for conductivity, hydrostatic pressure and bacteria.

We’ve even become highly experienced in installing yard hydrants for equestrian use as well. Additionally, we can do everything but the electrical work to install automatic watering stations for horses.

Emergency Twin City sewer and water main repairs are one way we serve municipal customers who have sewer breaks or need repairs.

We Do Residential, Commercial and Municipal Projects. Contact us to get started.

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