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If you're having a sewer problem, your solution is as easy as calling Olson's, Minnesota's leader in sewer services. No one is more qualified to help. Just call us and relax. Our extensive training at the U of M, 50+ years of experience and high-tech equipment enable us to tackle your problem, and help you avoid problems in the future.

Olson Sewer Services

Septic Repairs
We're chosen for septic services in MN because we understand systems' anatomy and know where their troubles start.

Maintenance/Septic Tank Inspection
Our worry-free plan includes maintenance and inspection, service reminders, and monitoring when needed.

Sewer Drain Cleaning
If you need sewer cleaning in Minneapolis or  northern suburbs, we offer rotoring, high-pressure jetting and line thawing.

Onsite Wastewater Treatment
Basic systems, pre-treatment, filters, and new technologies:  our experience makes us experts in Twin Cities wastewater treatment.