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When it comes to septic inspection and maintenance, no one offers more than Olson’s. Our technicians have unmatched expertise gained through more than 50 years in business. We also help our customers head off problems by sending auto reminders when sewer system maintenance is due.

Septic Tank Inspection:
Either Scheduled Maintenance Or Compliance.

When everything is working properly, it’s easy to forget how important it is to regularly clean and inspect septic tanks and lift stations. But the thing to remember is that what people think of as a septic tank is really part of their own sewage treatment plant. While it doesn’t demand constant attention, regularly scheduled sewer system inspection is crucial to its reliability.

Olson’s offers one-stop wastewater management services. We are so thorough, that we not only inspect your septic system tanks, we also inspect the sewage itself. The reason is, cleaning products, antibacterial solutions and, medications, can affect the bacteria at work in your treatment system and create problems. If we see an “upset” in the septic tank, we will advise you on any changes that can be made to protect your sewer system.

After cleaning, we inspect your onsite wastewater management system. This includes evaluating the condition of the tank – particularly looking for cracks and signs of infiltration, and confirming that baffles are all in place. If this is a compliance inspection needed before selling your home or to obtain a building permit, we work with licensed designers and inspectors and can refer several to you.

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