It Stands To Reason:
If We Can Build Them Better, We Can Fix Them Better.

Maybe you’ve noticed slow or backed-up drains in your house. Maybe a bad odor, or your drains are making gurgling noises. Your sewer or septic line may need repair. With something this important, you want the job done right. That’s why you should choose Olson’s. We apply our do-it-right attitude to septic and sewer line repairs, the same way we do to building new onsite wastewater treatment systems.

Doing It Right Beats Doing It Over.

Is a sewer or septic line repair any place to cut corners? Of course not. To make sure your repair maintains its integrity, we apply the same high standards we do to new construction. For instance, we’ll install clean-outs at the exterior of your home for easy service access should the line ever get clogged. This step also saves the service technician from bringing cleaning equipment into your home.

The piping we use for your repair won’t crush, misshape or pull apart because we always use incredibly durable Schedule 40 solid core PVC pipe (stronger than foam core) with bell ends (allowing glued joints which are stronger than couplings). Our excavation includes bedding with rock and compaction when needed. We backfill and grade out the area of work.

Another superior component we use for septic system repairs is a professional-grade lift pump, backed with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty. In replacement systems, all electrical work is included, from the lift station to the inside of the house, and it’s performed by a licensed electrician as needed. If your tank needs replacement, the one we install will meet all new state code specifications.

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