What Goes Down Must Not Come Up.
But When It Does:

Sewers can back up without warning. And nothing in life prepares a person for the sinking feeling that accompanies a back up. Our advice is to take a deep breath, call (651)-464-2082 and relax. No one in Minnesota provides more reliable sewer drain cleaning both for those connected to the municipal sewer system, and to their own onsite wastewater treatment systems. To make sure your line is clean and free of damage, when needed, we include video sewer inspection to for our customers across the north and northeastern Twin Cities area.

All You Need To Know About Sewer Drain Cleaning. (Besides Our Phone Number.)

At Olson’s we have the ability to use the method of sewer drain cleaning (rotoring, jetting or thawing) that’s best suited to clear your sewer drain or relieve a clogged sewer line. We show up at your home with a giant pink toolbox of tools and solutions like line rotoring equipment designed to cut through the problem, roots and other blockages. We use our high pressure jetters to clear build ups of grease and other debris in the line.

In the Twin Cities area, sewer lines have been known to freeze! Frozen lines are quickly cleared when we turn on the jetter with hot water and big pressure.

To insure that the sewer line cleaning job is complete, we can conduct a video sewer line inspection. It is a new kind of home movie, but if your line is in need of repair, we can see this on the camera monitor-and-we -and we can fix the problem. Our high tech equipment can also be used to locate the path of the sewer line in your yard and the depth. This information makes estimating a repair spot on and helps us to know if there are any trees, landscaping, driveways, etc. in the excavation area.

We Do Residential, Commercial and Municipal Projects. Contact us to get started.

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